November 2, 2022

No Cost to register!

Illinois Poison Control

I Appreciate you telling other EMS professionals about IPC’s continuous education opportunity by sharing the link to the IPC’s online Poison Prevention Education Course.  

A Couple helpful things to know:

  • Illionois EMS professionals who complete the course will earn 1 hour of CE credit from the Illinois Department of Public Health: Site Code #045100E1214A (they need to submit the course Certificate of Completion to their appropriate EMS Educator).
  • The course consists of 7 short lessons and corresponding quizzes.  You can complete one lesson/quiz at a time (log off and return to complete the others) or you can complete all lessons/quizzes in one sitting.
  • The course takes approx. 30-45 minutes when using a computer but less time (20-30 min.) when using a smartphone, iPad or tablet


On-going Continuing Education

On-Going Continuing Education
On-going Continuing Education